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At Keentel Engineering stay updated with the latest industry news and developments through our blog.

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At Keentel Engineering, we take pride in being the go-to engineering firm for power and utility system planning, design, control, and analysis. Some of the many attributes of our company that set us apart are:

Client-Focused Work Approach

Our team works cohesively on every project and with every client. We first develop a solid understanding of your project goals, requirements, and needs. From concept to commissioning, we assist you in every step.

27 Years of Experience

We have over two decades of experience in design and interconnection. Rest assured, we have the knowledge, understanding, and expertise to handle and execute all types of projects with sheer perfection and superior workmanship.


We work on every project with laser focus and attention to detail. This enables our team to deliver desired results with complete satisfaction.

Quality with Innovation

At Keentel Engineering, we have established our stellar market reputation on quality, work ethics, and innovation.

Our Blog Articles

Stay updated with the latest industry news and developments through our blog.

Substation Design in Electrical Power System

Substation Design in Electrical Power System

The design of a substation is a critical component of the power distribution in electrical system. The primary goal of…
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Load Flow Studies in Electrical Power System

Load Flow Studies in Electrical Power System

Load flow analysis is an important tool for engineers in the power industry to analyze and understand  the behavior of…
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an electric grid

Ensuring Grid Reliability: How NERC O&P 693 Compliance Services Benefit the Energy Sector

Reliability is crucial in the constantly evolving energy sector. Power companies have a significant role to play in maintaining a…
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What is Gap Analysis & Risk Assessment? | Keentel Engineering Company

Gap Analysis Explained

NERC, also known as The North American Electric Reliability Corporation, issued CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) cyber security standards in 2003.…
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What is Smart Grid Technology? | Advantages of Smart Grid Technology

Smart Grid Technology—What is It For?

Utility companies countrywide are under pressure to optimize their assets while curtailing costs. Moreover, they are also challenged to improve…
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What is Arc Flash? | Arc Flash Causes, Assistance & Prevention Strategies

What is Arc Flash?

If you operate in the utility industry, you need to get familiar with arch flash. Also known as a flashover,…
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Advantages of Energy Storage System | Keentel Engineering Company

What are The Advantages of Energy Storage?

Energy storage is the capture of energy produced at one time for use at a later time[1] to reduce imbalances…
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Solar Panels can Benefit your Energy Grid | Keentel Engineering Company

Ways Solar Panels Can Benefit Your Energy Grid

In recent years, solar panels have become a popular choice among business and residential owners. One of the factors that…
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Importance of the Electrical Power System Studies | Keentel Engineering

Importance of Power System Studies

A power system study is crucial for the electrical power system design process. The study comprises many engineering analyses, investigations…
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