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NERC O&P 693 Compliance Services

All power system operators and owners must conform to NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) reliability standards. Each of the entities is required to register with NERC.

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At Keentel Engineering, we take pride in being the go-to engineering firm for power and utility system planning, design, control, and analysis. Some of the many attributes of our company that set us apart are:

Client-Focused Work Approach

27 Years of Experience


Quality with Innovation

Serving industry for more than 27 years, at Keentel Engineering we provide a full suite of NERC compliance services with engineering support, by previously NERC SMEs, NERC Auditors, and NERC ATL (Audit team lead) experiences.

  • Compliance Program Development
  • Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment by previous NERC Auditors and NERC ATL (Audit team lead) experiences
  • Pre and Post Audit Support
  • RSAW technical writing service by Licensed Professional Engineers and SMEs
  • Compliance Testing Services

At Keentel Engineering, we are well-experienced in clients across industries, assisting:

  • Renewable Owners and Operators (GO, GOP Functions)
  • Transmission operators and owners (TO and TOP Functions)
  • Balancing authorities
  • Load-serving entities
  • Generation owners and operators (Conventional GO / GOP Assets)

Our NERC Compliance services can benefit your business in several ways:

Real-Time Compliant to Regulatory Compliance 

This is achieved through the quality and accurate assessments you provide along with ongoing compliance and engineering support services.

Improved Grid Reliability with Protection,  Planning and Operations

This is done by verifying the coordination of protection devices, review of planning studies, and communication with Transmission Planners and Area Planning Coordinators, and System Operators. It further leads to improved grid and its reliability and prevents any potential noncompliance with regions with O&P NERC standards and grid codes.

Enhanced Worker Safety

It is achieved by establishing compliant work practices as well as by building a compliance culture and program. 

Optimized Infrastructure Performance 

With us, you can easily ensure the optimized performance of your infrastructure as we continuously test systems. We also strive to improve and maintain protection schemes.

We, at Keentel Engineering, strive to help you meet NERC and regional reliability requirements. At Keentel Engineering, we have the internal skill sets and experience that ensure we deliver comprehensive NERC compliance services to our clients every time they choose us. From conducting mock reliability audits and assessments to helping entities identify their current compliance with the standards, we assist with all.

Moreover, we go to extra lengths to prepare audits and assessments ensuring auditable compliance evidence while implementing recommended changes to achieve full compliance with the reliability standards.

For more information or service assistance, contact us today. Call on 813-609-0707 to schedule a consultation with our team and discuss compliance requirements and how we can best serve your needs and ensure you are NERC compliant.

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