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Keentel Engineering Deals with Various Industries.

At Keentel Engineering and its Consultants, our mission is to establish a sustainable business that delivers top-notch technical services to meet the unique needs of our valued clients.

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Investor-Owned Utilities

Investor-Owned Utilities or IOUs are monopoly and private utilities that strive to distribute and generate power to you, the electric customer and over their defined service territory. In general, electricity from IOUs comes from a combination of producing their own power or purchasing electricity from private and public markets.

The IOU-owned power plants can include nuclear, coal, wind farms, solar arrays, and hydroelectric dams. Here it is important to understand that policies and laws on power purchased from regulated markets and private generators are variable from state to state.

At Keentel Engineering, we have helped clients on various projects, including new substation designs, testing, programming, distribution, system studies and cost of services. We help them with all. We have worked with numerous IOUs and their contractor partners to make the outcome of IOU projects a success.

Investor-Owned Utilities Engineering Services

Municipal Utilities

From electric departments to city halls, we work with municipal utilities to provide them with the best power engineering solutions for their T&D assets.

We have helped clients on projects to include new substation designs, programming, load shedding studies, cost of services, NERC services and system studies.

Benefits of Electrical Substation Design | Electrical Substation Engineering

Renewable Power Plants

In the U.S., the fastest growing energy source is renewable energy. It has increased inextremely high rate from 2017 to 2022. In fact, the consumption of renewables is likely to grow extremely high in the next five years.

This rate is much higher than the overall growth rate in energy consumption. From wind farms to solar and BESS -battery storage, we provide clients with forward-thinking, reliable, compliant profitable solutions for engineering services needs.

Services include:

  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Energy production and performance modeling
  • Site resource characterization analysis.
  • Interconnection application support and coordination
  • Power system integration studies
  • Detailed design and specifications
  • SCADA integration
  • NERC services during development phase
Electrical Engineering Consulting Services

BESS Owners

As the number of distributed energy resources increase, the need for reliable, resilient and effective management and operation has become crucial too.

Energy storage technologies help independent users and power producers to identify and address the needs by balancing supply and demand and continuous supply during intermittent wind and solar resources.

At Keentel Engineering, we provide a rich experience in offering comprehensive battery energy storage solutions, such as:

  • Technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Performance modeling and cycle optimization
  • Power system integration studies
  • Program management
  • Detailed design and specifications
  • SCADA integration
Advantages of Energy Storage System | Keentel Engineering Company

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